Story of a Commodity Trader

I began my career as a banker and then became a computer programmer. Ultimately I found my true love: commodity trading. I joined a Public Sector Bank in India as a bank clerk. All the banks in India were directed to computerize their operations and in the 1980s the Indian Government asked all the nationalized banks to begin the process. The Worlds's Greatest Commodity Trader My bank too started the process and they called for clerk’s like me to apply if interested to become programmers. In this way I became a Cobol programmer in 1984. I slowly began to gain experience and became an expert in not only programming but in the internal working of the computers. I ultimately became a Data Center Head of another bank and then retired from service. Now I work full time from home as a Commodity Trader.

When retirement was nearing, the fear of a retired life with nothing to do started creeping into me. When five years were left for my retirement I began analyzing and finding out what would be the best kind of job after retirement for someone like me. I am an introvert and like to do things on my own – I believe that only I can do a job perfectly. I know I am not a team worker and because of this it was really difficult to build up networks while I was working in the bank. So I was looking for a job or the kind of work where only I would be involved in all the operations. There would be no dependency on another.

After doing a lot of home work and research, including reading about the experiences of other retirees, I found that trading is the job that will be right for me. The reasons why I decided to become a trader were:

  • No team work is involved
  • Your are the boss and there is no need of getting any work done from any subordinates or other team members.
  • You decide what you are going to do and you also take the responsibility for what you do
  • Capital is not a constraint. You can decide on how much capital you want to trade.
  • Very flexible working hours. If you don’t feel like working or have some household work to attend you can go and do it.
  • Freedom. There is no need to stand in front of some one and seek his permission.  You can work any time you want to work. For this I looked at the stock market and found that the market opens at 9.00 am and closes at 3.30 pm. Whereas I found the commodity markets are different. They start at 10.00 am and continue up to 11.30 pm. Here there was more flexibility to work and trade.
  • I finally decided Commodity Trading would be the right job for me.

I started trading while working in the bank after the banking hours. I did trading from 7pm to 11pm. I started with a small capital of Rs.50000/- and started trading in one lot of GoldGuinea and one lot of Cardamom. (later I realized for this even Rs.25000 would have been enough). Slowly, with lot of ups and downs, after five years I have now reached a stage where I have a capital of Rs.250000/- and now I trade in four lots of Cardamom, 10 lots of GoldGuineas and two mini lot of Crude oil. Most of my capital is still idle. But I want to continue to be a prudent trader. I will increase my trading lots slowly. What is the hurry to do it.  Now I am getting a steady annual return between 18 and 24 percent per annum for the last five years.

  My Trading Experiences.